Common features among deployers

Deployers are shared among builders. Each Deployer has its own configuration format and deployer strategy.

Rsync deployer

Rsync deployer uses rsync to deploy software. The configuration needs to include at least:

- method: 'rsync'
  target_host: 'user@server'
  source: '/path/to/installation'
  dest: '/path/to/installation'

Other optional parameters are:

  • working_directory: '/path/to/working_directory' default: None. A parameter that can be used to give the working directory for the rsync command in a case where relative paths need to be used instead of absolute paths.
  • delete: True/False default: False. If set True, rsync deletes extraneous files from the dest dir.
  • rsync_flags: '[flags]' default: ‘-surlptDxv’.
  • ssh_command: '[command]' default: ssh. The ssh command for rsync.
  • set_sbit: True/False default: False. If set True, sets sbit for the rsynced files and directories.