Common features among builders

All of the builders share some common features.

Configuration file structure

When working with science-build-environment, all configuration files should be stored in the following file structure:

<build rules repo>/configs/<build target>/<builder>/*.yaml



All configuration files should be in yaml-format.

build_config.yaml and deployment_config.yaml

All builders have these configuration files. build_config.yaml contains the configuration for the builders and its format depends on the builder. deployment_config.yaml contains configuration for the deployers. Its format is described in the Deployers-page.


Spack-builder uses Spack for installing software. Before running the builder spack should be available in the shell that launches the build.

After validating the configuration structure, the build runs the following build rules:

  1. Reindex installed packages
  2. Remove old compilers configuration file
  3. Add existing compilers
  4. Install compilers
  5. Install packages
  6. Recreate modules